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Coming: 05.07.2024 - 11.08.2024: Exhibition „Code - Kunst - Konstruktionen. Zur Geschichte der generativen Kunst“, Akademie der Künste Berlin und Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg.

New: Time travel is now possible with Pentatonic Permutations... just click the settings wheel. Also some new MIDI functions.

Pentatonic Permutations is on Roku, a TV streaming service with 80 million users globally. And a skill on Amazon Alexa.

5/2024: 1.363 listeners from 94 countries streamed 900 h (TLH). 2.640 visitors on the website.

6/2024: 1.166 listeners from 84 counries streamed 761 h (TLH). 2.368 visitors on the website.

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Pentatonic Permutations is an algorithmic piano music composition by Benjamin Heidersberger that started with the Big Bang 13.799 billion years ago and will continue another 16 trillion years and then stop. It uses the Japanese 1-4-2-3-2 Kokin-Joshi scale, also known in India as Raga Vibhavari (Revati).

Each moment of time is tagged with a unique predetermined melody that never repeats until the last permutation is played. The composition is synchronous and realtime. Each Pentatonic Permutations Player (PPP) and each computer are playing the same part of the composition. You are listening to the same notes in this moment of time as everyone else.

Pentatonic Permutations is the "soundtrack of the universe". It creates a mental network of people listening simultanously to the same synchronised music, helping you to find your same own peace that was, is and will be always there, whether you hear it or not.

To tune into the composition:

- Either click on the triangular button above for realtime listening, exact to the fraction of a second.

- Or start streaming (MP3 @ 128 kbps, 44.1 kHz, CBR) live with a few seconds delay.



Tips for listening:

Check if your device is not in "Silent Mode" or the Volume is too low.

The composition has rests, i.e. no sound coming.

Try "Reload Page". Also if there a funny noises while streaming.

Check if Javascript is active.

For longer listening on the website: iPhone/Settings/Display & Brightness/Auto-Lock/Never. Android/Settings/Display/Screen Timeout/Never. Reset to the previous value so your battery is not drained.

Pentatonic Permutations can be installed as an App on Mobile devices, running in Airplane-Mode even without Internet.


Different reverb algorithms can be selected.

Echo generates a 4 sec Echo.

Delay allows for an adjustment of the composition against Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Standard is 1.1 sec (0 - 1.4). Check the precision of your device with TIME.IS.

Date lets you time travel backward and forward in the composition, selecting e.g. your own birthday. Limits are Jan 1, 1970 +- 100.000.000 days.

You can also enter a number of seconds manually (+ and -).

Reset to current time brings the composition back to now.

Reset to Big Bang lets you hear the beginning of the composition 13.799 billion years ago.

MIDI out sends out data to a selected Midi device so you can use your own equipment. None disables the output. Use an USB-OTG adapter for your mobile.

Note off after sends the MIDI command after a number of seconds (1 - 20).

Channel selects if you want all data to be sent to channel 1 or to channels 1-9, 11 and 12, separating each step of the 16 seconds sequence. The first five seconds are always silent. Channel 10 is not used.


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