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Version: May 31 2023 11:24:01.

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Pentatonic Permutations

Pentatonic Permutations is an algorithmic piano music composition that started with the Big Bang 13.799 billion years ago and will continue another 16 trillion years and then stop. It uses the Japanese 1-4-2-3-2 Kokin-Joshi scale that is also known in India as Raga Vibhavari (Revati).

Each moment of time is tagged with a unique predetermined melody that never repeats until the last permutation is played. The composition is synchronous and realtime. Each Pentatonic Permutations Player (PPP) and each computer are playing the same part of the composition. You are listening to the same notes in this moment of time as everyone else.

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To tune into the composition, click on the triangular button.

Check if your device is not in "Silent Mode".

The composition has rests.

Try "Reload Page".

Check if Javascript is active.

For longer listening: iPhone/Settings/Display & Brightness/Auto-Lock/Never. Android/Settings/Display/Screen Timeout/Never. Pentatonic Permutations can be installed as a Progressive Web App (PWA), running on Android smartphones in Lock-Mode.

Different Reverb algorithms can be selected. I prefer "Chapel".

"Echo" in the Reverb pulldown generates a 4 sec Echo.

Delay allows for an adjustment of the composition against Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Standard is 1.1 sec. Check the precision of your device with TIME.IS.

Midi out sends out data to a selected Midi device. Works on Android, Windows and MacOS with Google Chrome and Firefox, Safari not supported.


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