Thanks  (nanos gigantum humeris insidentes: we are all dwarfs on the shoulders of giants)

Paul Labonte for the video work and Max Filges for playing the visitor

Peter Elsner for being the artist

FZohren for the original Pianoteilung (Masse) Creative Commons

Alexander Holm for the Salamander Grand Soundfont Creative Commons

Bernd Köster for the initial funding

Johannes Maibaum for helping with the software

John Nebauer for hosting soundfonts

Thomas Nyckel for writing and intellectual input

Thekla Wolff und Isabel Schubert, Kulturbüro Sophien, for St. Elisabeth

John Maynard and Mani, Ramanashram, for the performance in India

Christopher Owens for the Voxativ/Pentatonic Permutations promo video 

Petra Rietz for initially encouraging me

Janine Sack for believing in me

Christoph Schauer for the photo of me

Alex Selck/Sethora for the reverb, the website and programming the web audio version

Travis Avery for the Play/Pause icon Creative Commons

Voxativ and Ines Vogel for their marvelous speakers

Work in Progress





Ponton-Lab GmbH, Benjamin Heidersberger, Esplanade 19, 13187 Berlin, Germany


Tax-ID: DE190220363

"Pentatonic Permutations" is a registered word mark. DPMAregister 302016223889


Blatt 3000 #8. Thomas Nyckel: “Bitte permutieren Sie. Zur medien-musikalischen Analyse hochtechnischer Musikwerke”.

Thomas Nyckel: “Listening under Algorithmic Conditions”, positionen. Texte zur aktuellen Musik, Heft 111, 2017.

ZULAB, Zukunftslabors Musik, Stuttgarter Texte zur Zukunftsforschung, Heft 2/2019. Kulturamt Stuttgart.